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Introduction to Heat Pumps

Our environment is a natural source of heat. There is heat in the air, in the ground and in water (rivers and wells). Heat pumps are designed to harness this free and renewable heat and use it to provide our central heating and hot water requirements.

This is done by extracting the heat from the air/earth. This heat is then upgraded to a higher temperature, before being delivered to the central heating system and hot water cylinder. Heat pumps also have the ability to do the reverse and provide a cooling system at warmer times of the year.

They are most efficient when linked to a low temperature heat distribution system such as underfloor heating, providing a constant steady temperature. The pump requires electricity to function, so it is more cost effective to programme it to use night rate electricity. Heat pumps are very economical, capable of cutting your heating bill by up to 70%. For every unit of electricity used to drive a heat pump, you can expect to produce 3-5 units of heat energy. The ratio between the heat produced and the electricity used to produce it, is referred to as the coefficient of performance (CoP).

With a heat pump, you can expect to achieve a water temperature of between 35 -45 C, very efficiently. This is lower than that achieved by a domestic boiler. The units are capable of achieving much higher temperatures but the CoP suffers meaning the economic and ecological benefits are compromised. In a well insulated house you can expect a heat pump to provide all of your space heating requirements, except perhaps in extreme conditions.


The Emmeti range of heat pumps is vast and comprehensive. The entire range can be purchased in Ireland through C-Mc Energy. Choosing an adequately sized heat pump to suit the specific needs of the property dwellers is very important. C-Mc Energy offers expertise and design solutions for projects of all sizes.